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Majestic Developer Command Overview.
Note: If the messages described in this section are converted from the raw format, the API section must be studied by the implementor as it contains message formatting guidelines. Below is a list of commands available via the Majestic API along with a brief overview of their functionality.
Majestic Developer Connectors.
APIService api new APIServiceMY_API_KEY, https// MapString, String parameters new HashMap; parameters.putitems, 1" parameters.putitem0," Response response api.executeCommandGetIndexItemInfo, parameters; ifresponse.isOK DataTable dataTable response.getTableForNameResults" ListMapString, String rows dataTable.getTableRows; Map result rows.get0; System.out.printlnresult.getExtBackLinks" else System.out.printlnresponse.getErrorMessage.; For more information about access to the Majestic API suite, visit our Plans Pricing page.
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Majestic Developer Homepage.
For in depth technical detail about the API, please visit the API reference page. The Majestic API is available on two endpoints a Developer API with an older, limited version of our index intended for development, and an Internal/Reseller API which uses the resources on your subscription to query our live data sets.
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Majestic Developer API Reference Guide.
It uses a unique token known as an API key to authenticate the request. This mechanism must be explicitly enabled before use. To enable Internal/Reseller authentication, simply select the Enable API option from the API tab at the Majestic website.
GitHub nticaric/majestic-seo-api: PHP library for making requests to the Majestic SEO API.
Failed to load latest commit information. PHP library for making requests to the Majestic SEO API. The easiest way to install Majestic SEO API is via composer. Create the following composer.json file and run the php composer.phar install command to install it."
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Un guide très simple pour utiliser lAPI de Majestic Majestic Blog. Un guide très simple pour utiliser lAPI de Majestic.
Les crédits API Majestic Jai démarré le processus en étant un peu agressive et jai réussi à balayer mon crédit mensuel en un jour ou deux. Peu de crédit Faîtes lexport par étape afin de ne pas gaspiller vos crédits.
Majestic Developer API Service.
This is done by calling the executeOpenAppRequest method which takes 3 parameters the command name, a set of command parameters and the user's' access token and returns a Response. There is an overload for this method too that takes a timeout which, again by default, is 5 seconds. For more information about access to the Majestic API suite, visit our Plans Pricing page.
Majestic SEO API Now ExplainedMajestic Blog. Majestic SEO API Now Explained.
Does Majestic have a free API? Majestic previously made some API calls available for free in exchange for publicity. However this was expensive to provide and is not generally available as of January 2014. If you are a developer without funds, then there may be an option.
majestic-api npm. Downloads.
Share your code. npm Orgs help your team discover, share, and reuse code. Create a free org. No readme found! npm i majestic-api. last 7 days. a year ago. test in your browser. You Need Help. Support / Contact Us.

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